Since 2004, Communications Company, Inc. has not made any of the products contained in this website, due to a catastrophic fire

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    ocated in Southern California, we have over fifty years of experience in the professional audio industry. Combined with our fine product line and excellent customer service, Communications Company has become a standard in the audio business.

   Our star product, the IC-29 Dual Channel Amplifier utilizes the ability to control logic functions via contact closures and jumper configurations. Features include Push to Talk, Privacy, VOX, Priority, Call Tones, Phantom Power, Limit Control, Remote Level Control, Speaker to Speaker Operation (Spkr as a Mic), optional add on boards and more!!! Full systems are available for Cath-Lab, Ticket Windows, Full Duplex and Standard Intercom applications. (See Accessories) - With the flexibility of complete customization, the IC-29 Amplifier is truly a universal solution.

Communications Company's Products

  Combining Ball Room / Meeting Room audio using our RAD Systems (Room Audio Director) has never been easier. Easy to use touch panels allow for user-friendly operation. Additional features include page inputs, and music control.

    Take a look at our new TG-8 Tone Generator and MR-8 Message Repeater, the newest additions to our product line.  Features include eight banks of sounds, user definable messages, digital quality and a compact design.  These products are excellent for alarm systems, paging, schools, emergency systems, exhibits and more.

   Our Audio Visual products include the PT-1 Program Timer, used as a means of organizing speeches and lectures, the MADA-2000, Media Distribution Amplifier designed to cut back on mic clusters residing on lecterns, and our Cue Phone Systems with Accessories.

   IC-100 TOA compatible stations are available, fully customized for your applications.  Popular features include Vandal Proof (detention center grade), Water Resistant, Beacon Drivers, Beacon Delays, Indicator LEDs, Braille, custom switches and more.

   The SP-1 Speech Processor is unique in its class.   This unit functions as an audio (preferably speech) clarifier.   In a loud noise-floor environment, standard paging systems can fall short of being heard.  The SP-1 is capable of boosting your intelligibility higher than 12 dB.

    Other products include our SNAPTRACK line which offer Specialized Paging, Pre-Amp, Audio Relays and other such devices.

    Our Accessories line augments and enhances our main products.  All accessories are compatible with the IC-29 Amplifier.  Accessories include Speakers, Microphones, Headsets, Footswitches, Loop Detectors, Handsets, Receptacles and Back Boxes.

    Please feel free to call or email us for product details or system information. We appreciate your interest in our products.

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